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Welcome to the world of chemical raw materials

During its more than 160 years of company history, Worlée-Chemie GmbH has made a name for itself with high quality additives and binders for the color and varnish industry - and not just in Germany. The raw materials of the traditional company are produced in Lauenburg and Lübeck and are sent to customers all over the world.

Its standard range includes but is not limited to water- and solvent-based acrylic and alkyd resins, polyesters, polyester polyols, polyether polyols and epoxy esters. The portfolio is complemented by products from well-known manufacturers. In our research and development department we work closely together with our customers and trading partners to develop individual solutions for specific needs.

Regardless of which product leaves our site, all of Worlée-Chemie’s raw materials  are environmentally friendly and resource-preserving. Thanks to our sustainable production methods, we were the first chemical company to be included in the circle of “climate protection companies”. At Worlée, sustainability is combined with the highest quality to form innovative products, and we are constantly working to improve our standards.

Our very high goals are the fulfilment of the desires of our customers and their complete satisfaction.“
Dr. Albrecht von Eben-Worlée, Reinhold von Eben-Worlée

  • Modern acrylic binders for extreme demands

    For best solutions even under difficult conditions: Worlées new binders for industrial coatings impress with numerous features and are available water based and solventborne.
  • WorléeCryl: For strong coatings in every situation

    The new high solid and ultra high solid acrylics from Worlée combine a number of remarkable characteristics that protect your material and apply to various areas thanks to a OH-content from 1,7% up to 4,5%.
  • Worlée is pilot company at sustainability project

    Within the framework of the sustainability initiative "Chemie hoch 3", Worlée has specified as one of 12 companies an extensive catalogue of measures that will be implemented within the next months. Therefor Worlée received and award in Juli 2014.