Polytone K-88

Widely compatible, unsaponificable, neutral ketone-aldehyde condensation resin to improve gloss, leveling, hardness, adhesion and covering capacity; is suitable as a combination binder in various lacquers, printing inks as well as adhesives; it accelerate the drying speed and improves the weathering resistance.
Name Polytone K-88
Chemical Specification Ketone-Aldehyde Condensation Resin
Softening point[°C] 88 - 102
Colour index, Gardner, 50% in Ethyl Acetate ≤ 4
OH-value [mgKOH/g] approx. 5
Acid number [mg KOH/g] ≤ 1
Delivery Form Pellets
Forms of delivery Article number Sample
Pellets 336007-19843 Order
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