Aleyna Kalender (1st year of training) Chemical laboratory technician

Copyright: Jenner Egberts Fotografie

1. Why did you choose to train as a chemical laboratory technician? 

I chose to be a chemical laboratory technician because I already found chemistry to be very exciting during my school days. Chemistry is unbelievably colorful and diverse, and there is always something new to discover. Boredom is practically unknown in our laboratory.

2. Which area or activity has been the most interesting for you so far in the course of your training?

I am very happy to be in the Worlée trainee laboratory. We can learn new chemical processes there and carry out many different types of experiments. My first experiment was the “Chemical Garden“, for which I could really let my creativity flow. What exactly is this Chemical Garden? I will not reveal the answer here – rather, just come to Worlée and find out for yourself.

3. Why would you recommend training at Worlée to your friends as well?

Anyone who would like to train in the field of chemistry would be in the best of hands at Worlée. The trainers devote a great deal of time to your education, and you gain a lot of practical experience with the laboratory work. Further, environmental protection and sustainable production are priorities at Worlée – and this is very important to me.