Johanna Winter (1st year of training) Business administrator for foreign trade

Copyright: Jenner Egberts Fotografie

1. Why did you choose the field of foreign trade business administration for your training?

I chose to do my training in foreign trade business administration because, for me, it presents the perfect blend of practice and theory.
With this type of dual training, one acquires a large amount of practical experience. Also, many skills can be gained in areas beyond sales such as business management, economics and human resource management.

2. On average, how much time do you spend every week with your vocational school work? 

I would say that I spend 1-2 hours learning on an average day, depending on whether examinations are coming up soon or not. Fortunately, we are rarely assigned homework. As more material needs to be covered in this field of training, there is an evening class once a week for four teaching hours in addition to the two days of vocational school during the week.

3. How important is the knowledge of foreign languages for your training?

Foreign language knowledge plays an important role. One should at least be able to speak English well, as one interacts with customers and suppliers around the world. Precisely this international aspect of the job was very appealing to me and one of the reasons why I decided to do my training here.
I spent my eleventh school year in the USA with an exchange program. For this reason, I enjoy speaking English, and this is most definitely an advantage. In my opinion, though, a fundamental interest in foreign languages is of primary importance, as there are also opportunities during the training for you to improve your knowledge.