Manuel Driesner (3rd year of training) Chemical technician

Copyright: Jenner Egberts Fotografie

1. Why have you chosen to train as a chemical technician?

Before my training, I completed a school internship at a pharmaceutical company as a laboratory assistant. I liked the work in the laboratory very much, but my glimpses of the production facility were what really excited my interest. From this time on, I was quite determined to pursue a career in a technical field, even though my grades in secondary school for physics and mathematics were basically average. After the internship, I did some research and came across the vocation of chemical technician. I have the possibility here to work with large-scale machinery, and for this reason I chose Worlée-Chemie for my training as a chemical technician.

2. Is it hazardous to be in the laboratory as a chemical technician conducting experiments with chemical substances? 

Of course, it is always slightly dangerous to work with chemical substances. What really matters in the end, however, is the effectiveness of the protective measures in place and whether one is thoroughly familiar with the substances. At Worlée, we are very well instructed throughout the entire course of our training about the safe handling of chemical materials. Further, proper storage and disposal of the individual substances are top priorities.

3. How do you see your professional future after your training at Worlée?

When my training is complete, I would very much like to continue my education, but I am not yet 100% certain which direction I shall pursue. I may consider an advanced training program to become an industrial foreman, for example, while a continuing training program as a technician would be another possibility.