Steffen Ebeling (1st year of training) Food technician

Copyright: Jenner Egberts Fotografie

1. What are your duties at the company?

One of my main tasks is the processing of various raw materials into their final product form. How do I do this? With the help of a wide variety of machines. To this end, it is important that I am very familiar with the production methods for individual products and that I know how each machine functions. My colleagues have gradually introduced me to each new type of task and, bit by bit, they have imparted to me the knowledge I need. After a product has been manufactured, I issue delivery orders or daily reports that provide information about the progress of the production.

2. How important are scientific abilities for your vocation?

A certain amount of mathematical calculation cannot be avoided when preparing blending instructions. Basic knowledge of the subjects biology, chemistry and physics is likewise important for better comprehension of certain processes. For work involving the machinery, one should likewise bring some technical understanding to the job.

3. What do you like best about your training so far? 

Being able to independently operate the production machinery is the most interesting part of the work for me. This process includes preparation of the raw materials, planning and issuing of blending instructions as well as delivery orders and also understanding of the machinery.