Glycerine ÖKO, Ph.Eur.

Our organic Glycerine is obtained out of organic Karanja Oil or organic Mahwa Oil (organic Illipe Butter). The entire production process is certified according the EG-ÖKO-Regulations. The seeds are pressed mechanically to release the oil. The vegetable oils are segregated into glycerine/water and fatty acids. The glycerine is cleaned-up after vaporization of the water. Through distillation and filtration it reaches a purity of 99,5%. Our quality complies with the directive of the European Pharmacopoeia (Ph.Eur.). Glycerine is a single trivalent alcohol that is first of all a component of animal and vegetable fats and fatty oils in nature and it accrues in big amounts as a by.product of their saponification. Glycerine is used in cosmetic products as a moisturizer because of its water-binding capability.
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Glycerine ÖKO, Ph.Eur. Vegetable Oils / Fats / Waxes Glycerin organic