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WorléeBeads HCO

Developed by Worlee and based on castor oil WorléeBeads HCO can be used in environmentalfriendly cosmetic rinse-off products giving a natural alternative to plastic micro particles (PE and PP)exfoliants.


- 100% renewable raw material
- Readily biodegradable
- Environmentally friendly and sustainable
- Defined particle size distribution
- High sphericity
- Odourless and colourless
- Economically viable
- Not irradiated (bacterial count ≤ 100 KBE/g, mould and yeast ≤ 10 KBE/g)

Due to their low particle size, plastic micro particles (100 – 500 μm) used in cosmetic applications can pass through filter plants and finally end up in great quantities in the oceans and from there to marinelife and finally into the human food chain.

You will find more information to the new WorléeBeads HCO here.