• Natural Raw Materials - 29.09.2014

    Embark on a culinary journey of discovery with Worlée

    In November, the international company will be an exhibitor at the Gulfood Manufacturing show in Dubai, bringing along scents from around the world.

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  • Natural Raw Materials - 17.09.2014

    Five years of Fairtrade in Sri Lanka

    The Fairtrade label offers numerous advantages for farmers from Third World countries. In 2009, Worlée supported a new project in Sri Lanka – what has happened since then?

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  • Natural Raw Materials - 28.08.2014

    Vegan products

    Healthy diet, conscious enjoyment: More and more Germans have given up meat and animal products in the last years. Worlée offers a lot of raw materials that should be included in every vegan diet plan.

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  • Chemical Raw Materials - 26.08.2014

    WorléeCryl: For strong coatings in every situation

    The new high solid and ultra high solid acrylics from Worlée combine a number of remarkable characteristics that protect your material and apply to various areas thanks to a OH-content from 1,7% up to 4,5%.

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  • Chemical Raw Materials - 28.07.2014

    Worlée is pilot company at sustainability project

    Within the framework of the sustainability initiative "Chemie hoch 3", Worlée has specified as one of 12 companies an extensive catalogue of measures that will be implemented within the next months. Therefor Worlée received and award in Juli 2014.

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  • Natural Raw Materials - 07.07.2014

    Worlée to present tea creations with “added value“ at Coteca 2014

    Teas that are both great-tasting and beneficial – the new tea blends from Worlée make it easy.

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  • Natural Raw Materials - 02.06.2014

    Yaso products selected for SIAL Canada Innovation 2014

    Higher nutrient values through patented germination process: Therefore Yaso-products from Fitorex were selected for SIAL Canada Innovation 2014.

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  • Chemical Raw Materials - 27.05.2014

    WorléeShield: Thermal insulation with one of a kind performance spectrum

    We connect what belongs together: With Aerogels and aqueous acrylic binders we have created an flexible and very efficient technology for thermal insulation.

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  • Chemical Raw Materials - 19.05.2014

    Worlée takes over the alkyd resin business of Novance

    The preparations are in full swing, because soon products from the French company Novance will be produced at Worlée.

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  • Natural Raw Materials - 16.05.2014

    Savoury Sweetness with Black Garlic

    A thrilling mix that reminds of balsamic vinegar, liquorice and prune. Follow us into a world of taste you probably won't expect.

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