Chemical Raw Materials - 17.06.2015

Sustainable solutions for the paint and coatings industry

As a pilot company for the sustainability initiative “Chemie3”, a joint program of the organizations VCI, IG BCE and BAVC, Worlée-Chemie relies on the power of renewable raw materials in its development work. At the European Coatings Show in Nuremberg, head of R&D Dr. Toine Biemans presented WorléeSol VGT 8709, the new environmentally friendly binder for the paint and coatings industry.

Sustainable raw materials are very much in demand. Their great potential has led to applications for natural resources not just with energy producers but also in many other industrial sectors.  Worlée-Chemie likewise relies upon the chemistry of nature in its development of innovative solutions, serving as a pilot company in the initiative “Chemie³” for more sustainability in the chemical industry. Accordingly, this year’s exhibition presentation at the European Coatings Show placed an unmistakable emphasis on renewable raw materials. 

In an extensive product demonstration, Dr. Toine Biemans, the head of R&D at Worlée-Chemie, called particular attention to the solvent-free, medium oil and specially modified alkyd emulsion WorléeSol VGT 8709, which has enhanced the product portfolio of the company since 2014. Composed of 97 percent renewable raw materials, this binder is very environmentally friendly. It may be used in water dilutable industrial and construction coatings, wall paints and wood glazes. With WorléeSol VGT 8709, the company offers a comparable sustainable alternative to conventional binders that contributes to a good development of hardness, long-term color stability and easy matting for paints, colors and glazes. Further, the use of renewable raw materials reduces the fraction of volatile organic compounds in products for the paint and coatings industry as well as improving their technical performance. These advantages enable Worlée-Chemie to offer a product with natural origins that achieves outstanding values in different areas that are simply not comparable with the market average.

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