Chemical Raw Materials - 13.06.2016

Worlée wins Responsible Care Prize 2016

Chemicals and sustainability – do they go together? For years, the raw materials producer Worlée has prioritized renewable raw materials. The company’s consistent efforts are now being distinguished with a special commendation.

It would be nearly impossible to imagine today’s world without chemical coatings. An extensive variety of products including cellular phones, automobiles, industrial machines or steel bridges, to name just a few, require protection from environmental influences in the form of a coating, without which their resistance would be reduced many times over. Nevertheless, the word “chemicals” still brings visions of acrid steam and environmentally dangerous liquids into the minds of most people. This negative image, however, has been outdated for some time now. Chemicals and sustainability are not mutually exclusive, as Worlée-Chemie GmbH has successfully demonstrated this year. In May, the raw materials producer from Hamburg was awarded the German chemical industry association’s Responsible Care Prize for its business model’s consistent orientation towards natural renewable raw materials.

“Sustainability has always been an important part of our company philosophy. Worlée had its origins 165 years ago in the import and trade of natural resins as binders for the paint and coatings industry. Today we are particularly active in the area of renewable raw materials” reveals Reinhold von Eben-Worlée, managing shareholder of the Worlée-Group. For many decades the family company has continually promoted and advanced relevant research in its own laboratories. “Our goal is resins made from 100 percent renewable raw materials such as sugar, starch and sunflower oil”, says Dr. Toine Biemans, head of research and development at Worlée. Several patented products have already achieved a level of 97 percent and are completely solvent-free. Paint and coatings producers experience virtually no impact on product performance. Differences with respect to conventional binders are negligible, while the advantages for the environment are considerable. The team is supported in its work by research institutes, universities, customers and suppliers.

Further, in the area of sales, employees of Worlée-Chemie GmbH place great importance on increasing customer awareness concerning sustainable products. This integrated approach is steadily gaining in momentum. “Our motivation is to play a leading role in the megatrend towards more ecological products – and we work on this every day”, says Reinhold von Eben-Worlée. This is an ambitious goal for a medium-sized enterprise. But numerous awards and sustainability prizes in recent years demonstrate that Worlée is on the right path and effectively keeping pace with larger companies in the chemical industry.


Download Photo (f.l Dieter Schnepel (Dow Deutschland), Jan Eschke (Worlée-Chemie), Klaus Köhler (Worlée Chemie), Reinhold v. Eben-Worlée (Worlée-Chemie), Annika Kunze (Worlée-Chemie), Gerd Reimann (Worlée-Chemie), Renate Polster (Hobum Oleochemicals)

Source: VCI Nord

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