Natural Raw Materials - 15.03.2017

Botanicals from Worlée – versatile medicinal herbs

At Engredea in Anaheim (USA), the family company is presenting a cross section of its botanical raw materials.

Medicinal herbs, officinal plants or herbal remedies are just a few of the many synonyms for botanical raw materials. All these names convey the same basic meaning - namely, plants containing active ingredients that can be used to alleviate illnesses or promote general health. For many decades, Worlée has processed and refined botanical raw materials for delivery to customers in the widest variety of sectors, ranging from the liquor industry to leading producers of nutritional supplements to “health teas” that are well-known from supermarkets or drugstores.

In this capacity, the family company regularly presents its medicinal herbs at international exhibitions and this year was once again a presence at Engredea in Anaheim. As the leading exhibition for the nutritional supplement industry, Engredea expected more than 70,000 professional visitors while it offers a platform for 3,000 exhibitors to showcase their products. One of these exhibitors was Worlée. 
At Engredea, the family company presented its product highlights in different processed forms such as powder, fine-cut or whole. One classic product is licorice root. This is the top-selling botanical product at Worlée and is used by the industry for its anti-inflammatory effects in medicinal herb tea blends, nutritional supplements or tablets. 

Aloe vera is also considered to have a particularly positive effect on the health. The queen of medicinal herbs, as it is often called, is available from Worlée as a juice, gel and powder. Aloe vera is already very much beloved by North Americans. In Europe, it is likewise finding more and more customers who use aloe vera to produce drinks, animal feed or nutritional supplements.

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