Chemical Raw Materials - 22.03.2017

Sustainable, Innovative Raw Materials for the Chemical Industry

Worlée presents its new raw materials for paints, varnishes, and other coatings as well as for construction chemistry at the 2017 European Coatings Show in Nuremberg.

Representatives and experts in the coatings industry meet every two years at the European Coatings Show (ECS) at the Nuremberg exhibition center. Worlée has been represented at the ECS since 1991 and will be exhibiting its versatile product highlights from April 4 to 6 this year. In addition, Worlée will be introducing its innovative water-based, solvent-free alkyd and acrylic binders for manufacturing sustainable coating systems. Further new products for this year include the polymer hardeners for epoxy-resin systems designed for use in construction chemistry and the new dispersion additives. In addition, the raw-materials manufacturer from northern Germany will be presenting their first sustainability report.

Product innovations at the 2017 ECS
With a comprehensive range of additives, binding agents, and pigments, the northern German company supplies chemical raw materials, boasting highly modern production facilities, environmentally-friendly and energy-efficient production methods, and versatility. The Worlée portfolio has been expanded by new developments within the WorléeCryl, WorléeThix, WorléeCure, and WorléeDisperse product families and will be presented for the first time at the upcoming ECS.

WorléeCryl – aqueous, solvent-free hydroxyacrylate
Foam-free layer thickness without significant loss of gloss? That’s an option with the new WorléeCryl A 5125 W solvent-free, aqueous hydroxyacrylate for 2K-PUR topcoats. The formation of foam that would normally occur in aqueous 2K-PUR coats in a dry layer thickness of 80 to 100 µm is avoided by the use of WorléeCryl A 5125 W. This product reaches coating thicknesses of 150 µm that can be applied without the use of foam. In addition, WorléeCryl A 5125 W exhibits only limited loss of shine in comparison to similar products; the use of 0.5% ethyl diglycol or dipropylene glycol n-butyl ether (DPnB) can actually increase the shine.

The solvent-free WorléeCryl A 5125 W means increased flexibility for the customer and requires far less organic solvent compared with the earlier 2K acrylic varieties. The long pot life of four to five hours, which makes processing easier, is a further advantage of the new hydroxyacrylate. WorléeCryl A 5125 is especially suitable for use in paintwork (wood). It can also be used on metals. Worlée recommends the isocyanate Easaqua L 600 from its trading partner Vencorex as a hardener for high-gloss varnishes.

WorléeCure – aminic polymer hardener 
Worlée is active once more in the construction-chemistry industry and is introducing the newly developed WorléeCure series of polymer hardeners at the ECS for the first time. Whether primers, mortar linings, roller coatings, or self-leveling linings, these innovative aminic polymer hardeners are ideally suited to construction chemistry. The main advantage of this new product is that no REACH registration is required!

WorléeThix – thixotropic alkyd emulsions
Worlée managed it just in time for ECS: with the new items in the WorléeThix product group, the family company is offering two thixotropic alkyd emulsions that allow the production of drip-resistant lacquer systems that can be thinned with water. The two product types can be differentiated by their viscosity. While WorléeThix VP E 165 W is supplied as a solid gel, WorléeThix VP E 166 W is available as a soft gel.As co-binding agents, WorléeThix VP E 165 W and WorléeThix VP E 166 W lessen the phase separation during paint storage and improve the rheology during application to vertical surfaces, meaning that they can also easily be used for wood finishes. Both products are shear-stable and feature a solids content of 40%. In addition, polar solvents have little to no influence on the thixotropy of the lacquer systems.

WorléeDisperse –polymeric additive for dispersion
The WorléeDisperse product family offers six new wetting agents and dispersants that compare very favorably with other brands established in the market.WorléeDisperse VP 8400W is highly suited as a universal polymer additive for the dispersion of inorganic and organic pigments in aqueous systems. This incorporates both use in direct rubbing and application in the production of highly filled pigment pastes. The WorléeDisperse VP 8450W and VP 8460W products are also suitable for polymers and the same scope of application. The two additives are characterized by their film formation and their low impact on the final hardness. WorléeDisperse VP 8460W is also amine-free.

The highly concentrated WorléeDisperse VP 8470W product has been specially developed for the dispersion of organic pigments and soot in pigment concentrates for use in aqueous printing inks. The application quantity is typically just 50% compared with the existing products in competition.WorléeDisperse VP 8100S and VP 8110S are also suitable for direct rubbing of all types of pigments in nonaqueous formulations. They are characterized by their polymer structure and have no negative impact on drying behavior. While WorléeDisperse VP 8100S can be used as a universal product in all standard binding agents, WorléeDisperse VP 8110S is especially recommended for glossy, medium-oily alkyd systems due to the beneficial impact.

Worlée’s commitment to sustainability
The topic of “sustainability” has been deeply embedded in Worlée’s cooperate philosophy for decades. The family company isn’t concerned with simply going along with a trend but instead concentrates on actively shaping ideas while at the same time being in keeping with social standards and offering added value to employees. Worlée has already been presented with numerous awards for its involvement, most recently with the Responsible Care award for medium-sized businesses at the federal level last year. In order to summarize company development in this area in a transparent way, the raw-materials manufacturer from northern Germany will be presenting their first sustainability report at the ECS. The sustainability report will cover the years 2013, 2014, and 2015. The main areas of focus are company management, products and customers, the environment, and employees.

Find out more about Worlée-Chemie GmbH as a responsible supplier, manufacturer, and distributor of raw materials for the paint, varnish, and coating industries and pick up a copy of our sustainability report at booth 7-534. Be amazed by Worlée’s innovations, and find out more about numerous products from our renowned trading partners. We’re looking forward to meeting you!

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