Chemical Raw Materials - 29.03.2017

Worlée-Chemie GmbH Sustainability Report

The supplier of raw materials presents its first sustainability report.

Under the title Worlée – we connect, the northern German family company is publishing its first sustainability report in 2017. Across 64 pages, Worlée will provide insights into its sustainability strategy and the associated activities at its three locations in Hamburg, Lübeck, and Lauenburg. The report is divided into chapters entitled “Company,” “Products,” “Employees,” “Environment and Safety,” and “Corporate Responsibility” and covers the years 2013 to 2015.

Worlée – the bond between chemistry and sustainability
“Creating bonds” is a crucial part of business at Worlée: for over 165 years, the company has been working on binding agents and additives for the paint and varnish industry – chemical compounds with a range of different uses. It is the bond with people, however, that raw material manufacturers consider especially important. As the guiding principle goes: “We want to continue to develop, and we can only do so with the help of our employees, customers and suppliers. You are the holders of expertise, the inspiration, and the core of our success.” In addition, “responsibility” for Worlée also means connecting what they are doing today with the future. Worlée is conscious of the need to take responsibility for future generations.

Aims of the sustainability report
Although Worlée is currently under no obligation to publish a sustainability report as a medium-sized company, it has voluntarily made the decision to be transparent in communicating its sustainable developments and activities. In doing so, Worlée aims to portray a comprehensive image of its business performance based on economic, ecological, and social aspects and to express the fact that taking sustainability aspects into consideration along its value-added chain is crucial. As a manufacturer and supplier of chemical raw materials, Worlée is conscious of its huge responsibility with respect to safety in the manufacturing, storage, transport, and conscientious handling of the products all the way the end user. For this reason, the topic of sustainability has been part of the company philosophy for decades and is now being presented in the first sustainability report. 

Milestones for sustainable commitment
Over the last few years, Worlée has been presented with numerous awards: the family company has been counted among the top three in the Responsible Care competition by the German chemical industry association’s northern division (VCI Landesverband Nord) six times between 2003 and 2016, and the pilot company was commended in July 2014 as part the comprehensive sustainability check by the Chemie³ initiative. Worlée is also proud of its award in the “medium-sized business” category at the 2016 VCI Responsible Care awards. The medium-sized business is already very well established in a range of sustainability fields, and the sustainability report marks a further milestone. 

“As an executive partner of a chemical company that has been family run for five generations, I see it as self-evident that only comprehensive further development and promotion of our sustainability activities will provide us with the opportunities to pass our company on to the next generation of entrepreneurs in a sustainable way and focused on the common good,” says Reinhold von Eben-Worlée. Creating a sustainability report and then providing information to the various Worlée-Chemie stakeholders on a regular basis is therefore a major priority for the family company.

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