Natural Raw Materials - 20.04.2017

Top-quality, nutrient-rich botanical raw materials from Worlée

Botanical ingredients are used more and more widely in food products and are thus greatly in demand. Worlée delivers ideal raw materials for the nutraceutical industry.

Available in products ranging from kidney-bladder tea to natural ingredients for strengthening fingernails to support against vitamin deficiency, nutritional supplements and functional teas are not just available in pharmacies and drugstores, but they can also be found in today’s supermarkets or even at the discount market around the corner. The family-run company Worlée has been active in the botanicals and medicinal herbs market for many years, supplying raw materials to the pharmaceutical and food industries, observing trends, and regularly exhibiting at specialist trade shows. Vitafoods in Geneva is one such exhibition. In early May, more than 1000 exhibitors are expected to be on hand to present their products and services centering on the theme of “Nutraceuticals”. Worlée will also be an active presence at Vitafoods Europe, as it showcases a selection of its dried botanical raw materials at Stand B56 from 9 to 11 May. 

The raw materials supplier and refiner from Hamburg will be bringing along more than 40 different products that are suitable for the widest variety of applications. Among these are raw materials such as olibanum, also known as “African frankincense”, and sweet blackberry leaves, which may be used, for instance, in tea blends in order to provide natural sweetness. 

The product Aloe ferox is an interesting Worlée highlight at this exhibition. The so-called “Cape Aloe” is a variety of cactus native to South Africa. Just like Aloe vera and “Curaçao Aloe”, Aloe ferox contains aloin, an active ingredient used in the pharmaceutical industry. Post-harvest, the Aloe ferox leaves are stacked to enable drainage and subsequent collection of the juice. After filling and sieving, the juice is concentrated by means of water evaporation. Cooling of the concentrate leads to the formation of solid matter that is further processed as a solid “concentrate”, for example, in powder or granulate form. The Hamburg company sells its Aloe ferox to a variety of customers, including top producers from the beverages industry. Worlée obtains its high-quality Aloe ferox directly from the origin. Thanks to short delivery distances from the field to the processing facility, bacterial exposure is kept to a minimum. Additionally, products can then be sent to customers within the shortest period of time. 
Come and experience our products for yourself. Visit us at Vitafoods 2017 in Geneva (Stand B56). We look forward to seeing you there!

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