Chemical Raw Materials - 18.05.2017

Worlée-Chemie becomes official member of the UN Global Compact

The family-run company takes the next logical step as it further expands its efforts in the direction of sustainability.

All is new in May, as the saying goes, and this certainly holds true for Worlée-Chemie. With immediate effect, the mid-sized company is now a new official member of the United Nations Global Compact. As such, Worlée-Chemie has joined the largest international Corporate Responsibility Initiative as one of 8000 companies worldwide demonstrating their dedication within the framework of the UN Global Compact. In total, about 300 German companies are registered as members of this initiative.

As a participant in the UN Global Compact, Worlée-Chemie has committed itself to recognizing, supporting and actively implementing a catalogue of 10 principles within its sphere of influence in the areas of human rights, labour standards, environmental protection and anti-corruption efforts.  (All principles may be reviewed here)

Within the framework of its sustainability strategy, Worlée had already followed these principles and integrated them firmly into its company philosophy long before commencing its official UN Global Compact membership. Formal membership status now compels the family-run company to write an annual progress report in order to document which activities have been implemented within the framework of the four focus areas and which objectives are relevant for Worlée in each case.

Worlée-Chemie is very proud to belong to the UN Global Compact. This step is one of many measures that the mid-sized company would like to implement in order to achieve its sustainability aims. Further information about Worlée’s sustainability efforts may be found in the current sustainability report: www.worlee.de/sustainabilityreport

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