Worlée Cosmetics

From left: Mario Winterstein (Department Manager) and Steven Hausmann (Product Manager). Copyright: Jenner Egberts Fotografie

The modern concept of cosmetics goes far beyond just an attractive eyeliner or a wonderfully scented shower gel. Cosmetics should have an “Aha!” effect on others while simultaneously serving their intended purpose; sustainable production is also key. For the last 40 years, Worlée Cosmetics has dedicated itself to bringing these factors together in its products.

In our applications laboratory in Hamburg, we focus on the development of innovative products that perfectly suit today’s market requirements for skin care, hair care, sun care, and decorative goods. For many years now, we have placed special emphasis on the area of natural cosmetics. From natural plant extracts to biodegradable peeling products to the widest variety of fats, oils and waxes, we offer you high-quality raw materials that are particularly environmentally friendly.

Since 2009, Worlée has been certified organic by the IMO (Institute for Market Ecology). Beyond this, we are researching products that will comply with the significantly stricter product regulations of future markets. Many of our raw materials already satisfy the criteria of the EU Organic Products Regulation.

All of Worlée’s private label products, ranging from water-based polymer dispersions to rheology modifiers to thickeners, are produced in facilities in Lauenburg und Lübeck. Here, many years of experience, the latest technology and innovative ideas are combined with modern products. Raw materials from leading producers from around the world round out our product portfolio.