Larissa Bergmann (2 nd year of training) Chemical laboratory technician

Copyright: Jenner Egberts Fotografie

Which expectations did you have for your training?
Were these fulfilled?Actually, I began my training without many expectations. The one thing that did surprise me was the fact that there are not many female trainees in the company, especially in the training program for chemical laboratory assistants. 

How was the introductory phase of your training?
Very good! I was slowly exposed to all different areas and I always had someone at my side whom I could consult when I had problems. 

What does a typical working day entail? What kinds of assignments are you given?
My work varies from day to day and is different in every department. In the application technology section, I mostly begin with the determination of the hardness and gloss of a coating film. Afterwards, I may turn my attention to many diverse tasks such as producing coatings, checking chemical resistance, measuring pH values or paint viscosities, etc.