Laurens Peschko (1st year of training) IT-Specialist for system integration

Copyright: Jenner Egberts Fotografie

Why did you choose to train as an IT specialist in the area of application development? 
I have always been interested in IT and networks. I find that the fundamental features in this area are very relevant for me personally and are also applicable in practice outside of my professional life. Generally, the post-training career path is a very flexible one thanks to the option to choose between application development or system integration. Certainly, as an IT specialist for system integration, one is not just involved with hardware. Beyond software development, for example, one works with script languages such as Unix or Windows Shell, which is particularly exciting for me. 

What does a typical working day entail? What kinds of assignments are you given?
A typical working day does not exist during the training period. My work assignments vary on a daily basis – mostly I work independently or take over assignments from my trainer.Currently, I am occupied for the most part with smaller tasks that I either learn about by observing my colleagues or that I largely complete on my own by using my previous knowledge and making many inquiries.

What is the role of technical understanding in your training?
Technical understanding is a very broadly-defined term – while fundamental electrical technology knowledge is closely connected to familiarity with hardware, it is not often applicable, as one does not generally disassemble devices oneself in IT (except at system houses). This knowledge can be relevant, for example, if one wishes to install systems with high electricity consumption in a correct and dependable way, or if one would like to use DLAN.