Vivien Charlene Menzel (2 nd year of training) Business administration for foreign trade

Why did you choose to train at Worlée?
The training program at Worlée appealed to me strongly. The training in the area of foreign trade business management is very diverse and offers me the opportunity to come into contact and work with customers and suppliers from the widest variety of countries.

What do you particularly like about the foreign trade business management training program?
I particularly like the variety of products and working areas that one gets to know during the training. It is very exciting to spend a period of time working in each department. In this way, a good overview of the most important working procedures is provided and, subsequently, many processes can be much better understood.

What goals do you have for the time after your training?
After I have completed my training, I would like to gain professional experience and support my department. I have not yet decided if I want to continue on to study at our vocational college’s partner university, but I can well imagine that I might choose to do so. 

How quickly did you have your first contact with customers? In what form did this take place?
My first customer contact came about rather quickly. In the early weeks, I was much involved in the process of sending samples to customers, and so I was already able to communicate directly with our customers and suppliers.