Sustainable Products

Throughout the world, awareness about sustainable products has grown in recent years. Consumers are no longer just interested in the taste of their morning cereal. They also want to know if the fruit ingredients are untreated and if the local farmers were fairly compensated.

This awareness has carried over to a wide variety of different industry branches. For cosmetics as well as for paint and coatings, there are significant differences with regard to health and environmental compatibility. We will show you how Worlée handles this issue.

Work in Origin Countries

Many of our natural raw materials require particular climatic conditions and are cultivated in different countries throughout the world. In order to support local ecological farming while guaranteeing a consistently high product quality, we had already focused our attention on sustainability long before the topic began to receive significant media attention. As such, our company was one of the first to place an emphasis on exclusive partnerships in countries of origin. 

For this cooperative work, we select drying businesses that share our goal of sustainable production. These operations are already entrenched in regional structures and work together with numerous smaller as well as larger producers’ associations. Beyond this, Worlée has directly invested in organic projects for more than a decade. Trained personnel come on-site to introduce the farmers in these small operations to techniques for harvesting and drying. In this way, expertise can be passed along -- and Worlée remains independent of the raw material speculation encountered in the rest of the world market. 

Since 1999, we have featured a separate organic division that has grown in recent years to include around 450 certified products. 

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Raw Materials for the Future

With its steaming pots and test tubes filled with green fluids, the chemicals industry could hardly be further away from the idea of sustainability in the minds of most people. However, Worlée’s modern products clearly demonstrate that this image is long outdated. For instance, during the last ten years, usage of water-dilutable products has been responsible for a drop of 30,000 tons in solvent usage. Moreover, many products are practically free of volatile hydrocarbon compounds (VOCs) and contain an ever higher percentage of renewable raw materials. 

Since the beginning of 2014, Worlée has included two items in its product range that are certified according to the Cradle to Cradle design concept. This system, developed by the scientific director of the Hamburg Environmental Institute, Prof. Dr. Michael Braungart, designates products that integrate themselves into the biological metabolic cycle, thereby preserving the natural resources of the earth while preventing a cradle to grave cycle (extraction-production-disposal). Chemistry in harmony with nature: a path that we intend to continue following.

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