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Beauty and care need experience

Skin-friendly, environmentally friendly, effective, aesthetic - the demands on modern cosmetic products are and remain very high. In order to meet the wishes of your customers, we support you in improving existing products, recognising trends and breaking new grounds. With creativity and decades of experience, we develop high-quality raw materials for your product that are precisely tailored to your individual needs.

Our comprehensive product range for decorative and care cosmetics includes polymer chemical raw materials, pigment dispersions, aloe vera and natural exfoliants. Together with a large network of qualified producers and partners, we find the perfect building blocks for your cosmetic innovations.

Areas of application

Are you looking for high-quality raw materials for care or decorative cosmetics? Then take a look at our product search or let yourself be inspired by the application areas.

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Set new style trends with your make-up products and create looks on the pulse of time. We offer you the innovative basis for this.

Our offer for you:
WorléeAloe, WorléeAqua_Thix, WorléeBaseWorléeJojoba_Oil, WorléeMicromerWorléeSqualane


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Create refreshing cleaning products that make your customers feel like new. We make it possible with the right ingredients.

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WorléeAloe, WorléeAqua_Thix, WorléeBase, WorléeBeads, WorléeJojoba_Oil, WorléeSoft_Beads, WorléeSqualane


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Make your customers' skin glow with nourishing formulations. We support you in this.

Our offer for you:
WorléeAloe, WorléeAqua_Thix, WorléeJojoba_Oil, WorléeSoft_Beads, WorléeSqualane