WorléeSqualane Olive

Squalane is a naturally occurring hydrocarbon isolated from the non-saponifi able matter of olive oil. It serves as a valuable basic compound for care. Squalane protects the skin against loss of moisture, makes it elastic and pliant, and thereby improves the structure of the natural lipid film. Due to its excellent penetration properties, Squalane is also used as a carrier foractive substances.In cosmetics, Squalane isolated from olives is mostly used as a quickly spreading, non-irritating lipid, stable against oxidation, in skin emulsions, sunscreens, foundations, and haircare products. Squalane is often used in cosmetic formulations as a naturalhydrocarbon to replace synthetic and petroleum-based hydrocarbon mixtures. Squalane isolated from plants is recommended by the BDIH, Ecocert, and Natrue to be used in “green cosmetics”.Our standard grade got a Squalane content of 92 % or higher and is 100 % isolated from olive oil. The vegetable origin is confirmed according to Ph. Eur., and by regular isotope monitoring.
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WorléeSqualane Olive Hydrocarbons Squalane natural COSMOS validated vegan Non-GMO upcycling product