• American Gilsonite

    Natural Asphaltum

  • Bruno Bock Thiochemicals

    VOC-free Polythiols based on Mercaptocarboxylic Acids

  • Cabot

    Carbon Black and high porous Aerogels based on Silica

  • Chemark

    Matting Hardeners and Powder Coating Additives

  • Cinkarna

    Ultrafine Titanium Dioxide Suspension

  • CWK

    Colloidal Silica Dispersions / Micronised Silica Powders

  • Dow

    Silicon additives and resins for paints and laquers

  • Estron Chemical

    Additives for powder coatings

  • Glassflake

    Glassflake barriere pigments / Effect pigments

  • Ishihara

    Elelectroconductive Titanium Dioxide

  • KahlWax

    Natural wax / Water-based natural wax emulsions / XanthanGum

  • King Industries

    Catalysators and modification resins

  • Polyols & Polymers

    Keton Aldehyde Resins

  • Sinloihi

    Daylight Fluorescent Pigments

  • Synthomer

    Latices (SBR, Chloropren, Acrylnitril-Butadien), water-based Polymer Dispersions, Polyvinyl Actetates, Polybutadiene

  • van Baerle

    Alkali and alkaline earth silicates

  • Vencorex

    Aliphatic Polyisocyanates, IPDI, HDI