WorléeDisperse – New members in the Worlée additives family

Worlée-Chemie has launched a new range of additives. Under the name WorléeDisperse, the company has added six new wetting and dispersing agents to its range, which comfortably stand up to comparison with established products. Get your personal sample kit here. 

Overview of the WorléeDisperse Range:

WorléeDisperse VP 8400W is suitable as a universal, polymer additive for the grinding of inorganic or organic pigments in water-based systems. This includes both use in direct grinding and use in the production of highly filled pigment pastes.

WorléeDisperse VP 8450W and VP 8460W are also polymer products and are suitable for the same range of applications. The two additives have only little effect on water absorption and fi nal hardness due to their fi lm-forming properties. WorléeDisperse VP 8460W is amine-free. 

WorléeDisperse VP 8470W is a highly concentrated dispersing agent. It was specially developed for grinding of organic pigments and blacks in pigment concentrates with low viscosity.

WorléeDisperse VP 8100S and VP 8110S are suitable for direct grinding of all types of pigments in non- water-based formulations. They differ in their polymer structure and have no negative effects on drying behaviour. While WorléeDisperse 8100S can be used as a universal product in all typical binding agents, WorléeDisperse 8110S is recommended in particular for use in alkyd resin paints in the event that high gloss and low viscosity play a special role.

Additives for water-based and non-waterbased systems

The following products are now available for water or solvent-based systems:


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