Jojoba Wax

Jojoba Wax is also named hardened Jojoba Oil. It is produced from Jojoba Oil by controlled hydration. The reaction involves a catalyser, hydrogen, heat and presure: the single and double bonds of the fatty acids and theeir esters contained in the Jojoba Oil are saturated by hydrogenation. the end product of the process is a high-melting, white wax. Jojoba Wax distinguishes itself by its soft, non-sticky properties. It is used in products such as lip-care products, Mascara, and Foundation. Thanks to its high melting point, Jojoba Wax can also be used to provide consistency to cream and lotions.
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Jojoba Wax Vegetable Oils / Fats / Waxes Hydrogenated Jojoba Oil synthetic