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With our binders and additives to your formula of success

When Worlée was founded in 1851, trading in raw materials for paints and coatings was the cornerstone of the company. Over the years, we have developed numerous innovative chemical raw materials while continuously working on optimising existing products and processes for you. Each of our product and every single application recommendation thus reflects the product knowledge and industry expertise we have gained over the past 170 years.

Today, we supply you with important building blocks for countless products in many different industries. These include solvent-based alkyd resins, acrylates and binders for paints and varnishes, water-based alkyd resins and alkyd emulsions for wood care and stain products and additives such as powdery flow agents and hardeners for powder coatings as well as many other chemical raw materials.

Areas of application

From acrylate dispersions to alkyd emulsion or polyester, our binders, together with our extensive selection of additives, cover a wide range of application areas and are important building blocks for our customers' finished products. More and more of our binders are made of renewable raw materials. And we are constantly working on continuing this path.

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Choose from various binders and additives for roof and floor coatings as well as sealants and adhesives

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Printing Ink

Alkyd resins as well as water-thinnable acrylic resins for printing inks.

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Paints & Lacquers

Aqueous and solvent-based alkyd resins and acrylates as well as thixotropic systems, modified binders and additives.

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Solvent-based and aqueous alkyd resins, alkyd emulsions and acrylates with excellent weather resistance - numerous binders for wood care

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Industrial Coatings

Water-based acrylic binders for extreme requirements.

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Water-based dispersions and special chemical raw materials - from tile adhesives to high-tech electronic adhesives

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Powder Coatings

Powdery flow agents, hardeners, catalysts and matting agents for various powder coating systems

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Inorganic-organic hybrid binders for thin film systems or aqueous binders for thermal insulating coatings

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