WorléeCryl 8545

W´Cryl 8545 is an APEO-free polymer emulsion which is used as a main component in a blister formulation. Excellent sealing properties and a good compatibility with harder acrylic emulsions are furtehr properties.
Name WorléeCryl 8545
Tg [°C]MFFT [°C] -3
pH-value 4,0-6,0
Type modified acrylic emulsion
Viscosity 20°C, del.formBrookfield, ISO 2555 [mPa·s] 50-300
Colour DIN ISO 4630, Gardner
Viscosity 20°C, del.formDIN 53015 [mPa·s] 50-300
Amine value DIN 53176 [mgKOH/g]
Medium potlife
Forms of delivery Article number Sample
50 % in water 212054-09727 Order
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