Thiocure® 340

Tetra-functional polythiol with high reactivity and high crosslinking density for improved mechanical and chemical stability; standardtype for solvent and solventfree systems. Reacts with Epoxy, Isocyanate and unsaturated compounds. Useable as a high reactive hardener for Epoxysystems to enhance the curing speed even at low temperatures. Additive for fast curing in highsolid PU-systems. Binder for Thiourethane-systems and Thiol-Ene-systems (thermal or UV-curing). Additive for radiation curing systems, to reduce the oxygen inhibition, volume shrinkage and to increase the hardening speed. Additive for polysulfide sealants to increase the crosslink density.
Name Thiocure® 340
SH-functionality 4
H aktive Equivalent [g/mol] 125 - 128
SH-content [%] ~ 26
Viscosity 23°C, Brookfield Mandrel S 62 / 20 rpm [mPa*s] ~ 500
Molecular weight [g/mol] 488,6
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flüssig 332510-14586 Order
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