Worlée construction chemicals

Technologies for a secure future

Solution-oriented work demands not just expertise, but also creativity. Beyond this, you need a partner who possesses the technologies for developing suitable raw materials and for making them available to you.

In the past, one could rely on ready access to a variety of curatives. Beginning on 1 June 2018, however, some raw materials will no longer be available due to REACH stipulations. As a result, further production of established products in your portfolio may be jeopardised.

Worlée offers you the optimal solution: with its innovative polymer hardeners for epoxy resin systems, realisation of a wide range of current applications at the same performance level will continue to be possible in the future.

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Nicole Ahlgrimm
Tel.:+49 40 733 33 2505
E-Mail: NAhlgrimm@worlee.de

Products with perspective

In our laboratories, we work intensively on a variety of product solutions with a particular focus on sophisticated application areas such as low-yellowing, chemical-resistant and VOC-free curatives.

Polymer components also play a decisive role in the development of aqueous products. A range of curatives with excellent characteristic profiles is already available.

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