High gloss for interior and exterior - new alkyd resin emulsion for architectural coatings

WorléeSol VP NW 437 is an externally emulsified, flexible alkyd resin binder for high gloss paints with good exterior resistance and wall paints with good wet abrasion resistance. It can be used as a sole binder or as a co-binder. With a renewable raw material content of 55% and without the addition of co-solvents or amines, this product also offers some sustainability aspects.

Applications and properties

WorléeSol VP NW 437 is an externally emulsified alkyd resin type. The external emulsification is achieved by using an emulsifier mixture of anionic and non-ionic types for optimal stabilization. It allows the elimination of amines and co-solvents, which are needed, for example, for water-thinnable alkyd resins and contribute to the emissions of the coating due to their volatility. In addition, this technology allows a higher non-volatile content - in this case 60 %.

The oil content of 37 % at the edge to the medium oil alkyd resin type ensures relatively fast drying for this technology. A very high gloss is typical for this product group.

WorléeSol VP NW 437 is mainly intended for use as sole binder in high gloss waterborne interior and exterior paints. However, it can also be easily combined with WorléeSol E 150 W or other urethanized alkyd resin emulsions. In addition, the product has been successfully tested in a wall paint formulation.

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