Research and Development

Copyright: Jenner Egberts Fotografie

In recent decades, we have developed numerous innovative chemical raw materials in Lauenburg. Many of these products have been and continue to be successful in Germany and abroad, and they have brought the family company Worlée to where it stands today.

Looking towards the future, our R&D team continually works together with our application engineers to optimize existing products and processes and also to develop new raw materials. The primary goal of our research and development work is a fusion of technical progress and environmental compatibility. Many consumers have begun paying close attention to sustainability issues when purchasing their paints and coatings; correspondingly, Worlée’s research prioritizes the search for raw materials necessary for the formulation of sustainable products made with renewable resources.

Working closely with our customers, we develop special products that allow us to make innovative strides along with our formulation recommendations.For further questions, our R&D team would be pleased to assist you.