Safety in the factory

Our safety measures at the Lauenburg site not only relate to the equipment, but also include regular training for our employees.


Waste Avoidance

You can find out here how we make the process of waste disposal and reuse sustainable.


Climate and environmental protection in the company

Sustainable development and responsible action are our guiding principles, which are firmly anchored in our company.


Energy Efficiency

Worlée continually seeks to reduce its electricity consumption in every area of the company. During the last 10 years, we were able to increase our efficiency in this way at Worlée-Chemie alone by 20 percent. Since 2013, our energy management here has been certified according to ISO 50001. Here is a closer look at the different areas in which Worlée-Chemie has undertaken modifications:

  • revision of all compressed air systems with the goal of energy conservation
  • heat recovery in ventilation systems and from compressors
  • thermal use of waste materials
  • employment of thermal imaging cameras to detect insulation weaknesses
  • high-speed doors
  • process heat delivery from a biogas facility
  • reduction/replacement of conventional lamps with LED lighting while maintaining unchanging levels of luminosity
  • optimized process control
  • the most modern engine technology
  • consideration of energy efficiency aspects for all new acquisitions as well as all new construction and renovation work
  • sophisticated usage monitoring