Waste Avoidance

In sizeable production facilities, the production of waste materials during processes cannot be avoided. However, what matters is the manner in which reusable materials are handled afterwards. Can they be recycled, for example? Or is it possible to dispose of them in an environmentally responsible manner? At Worlée-Chemie GmbH, we always try to choose the most sustainable option. Here are some examples from our large chemical plant in Lauenburg:

  • Solvent treatment for re-utilization
  • Repeated use of sodium hydroxide (cleaning agent)
  • Replacement of sheet metal sampling containers by paper cups
  • Thermal recycling of generated liquid waste in our post-combustion plant
  • Constant level and cost monitoring by means of our economic management system


Energy efficiency

To save electricity and increase our efficiency, we have revised and optimized the processes and systems in our divisions.


Climate and environmental protection in the company

Sustainable development and responsible action are our guiding principles, which are firmly anchored in our company.


Safety in the factory

Our safety measures at the Lauenburg site not only relate to the equipment, but also include regular training for our employees.