Sustainable products

The development of environmentally friendly, sustainable products is a focal area of our research and development departments. Our products are gentle on the environment and support our customers in maintaining compliance with an increasingly demanding regulatory framework. Partnerships with tertiary education institutions and research institutes allow us to utilise the latest scientific insights for the sustainable advancement of our products. Our target is to increasingly use renewable raw materials and to prioritise the development of water-based resins. We are currently working on the following development targets and measures:

  • Use of environmentally friendly (renewable) raw materials
  • Development of binding agents with a high proportion of renewable raw materials (> 95%)
  • Development of water-based products instead of hydrocarbon-based products
  • Replacement of aromatic solvents with aromatic-free and dearomatised solvents
  • Recycling and reuse of solvents
  • Improved shelf life of lacquers and coatings based on our binding agents
  • Consideration of health, safety and environmental aspects in the development of products and their application

We never stop exploring new possibilities for producing our products as environmentally friendly as possible, with a view on both resource conservation and energy efficiency. Plant insulation, heat recovery and efficient drive systems have allowed us to significantly reduce our energy consumption. Our thermal oxidation system not only cleans our exhaust air, but the combustion process also generates process heat we can use for the production of our products.