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Enable your customers to preserve a piece of quality for the future

You need the right formulation of your wood care products to ensure that your customers' wood products appear in all their glory and splendour. We are happy to assist you with our many years of experience and expertise in developing outstanding products. In our extensive product portfolio, you will find a range of solvent-based and water-thinnable alkyd resins, alkyd emulsions as well as acrylics with excellent weather resistance for your wood applications.

Sustainable products also becoming more and more important for you? At Worlée, we believe that natural resources should be used to act in an environmentally friendly way and to think of the future. For this reason, we have developed more and more binders based on renewable raw materials, which we procure from sustainable cultivation. For example, we offer products based on linseed oil, which are characterised by a particularly high proportion of renewable raw materials. They are therefore an ideal match for wood as a building material. With a coating that is as natural as possible, your customers' wood products will thus remain as they are in the future.

Nature's chemistry - renewable raw materials

WorléeSol NW 474, on the other hand, is a long oil, modified, amine and co-solvent free alkyd emulsion, which is very well suited for the production of wood preservatives (e.g. teak, bangkirai) and wood preservative stains.

WorléeSol 31 C is a water soluble, modified linseed oil and is used in the production of wood stains, impregnations and wood care oils with excellent penetration. As a primer, it can significantly increase the life of glazes.

Among our solvent-free alkyd resins you will find some products from the WorléeKyd series.

WorléeKyd RL 1290 contains more than 95% of renewable raw materials and is an extremely low viscosity alkyd resin, which is especially suitable for the production of low VOC / free 1K and 2K parquet, patio and maintenance oils as well as wood stains and glazes. It convinces by very good penetration, permanent elasticity and weather resistance.

WorléeKyd V 5241 U is based on about 80% renewable raw materials and is a long oil alkyd resin, which, thanks to urethanisation, dries quickly and develops a good hardness. Due to its low viscosity, solvent-reduced impregnations, glazes, wood paints and wood care oils can be formulated.

WorléeKyd L 7904 and WorléeKyd L 8004 are suitable as a base for wood stains, impregnations, stains or also for maintenance oils. Both products are based on about 80 percent renewable raw materials. They are suitable as sole binders for thin-layered glazes or in combination with thixotropic alkyd resins for the formulation of thick-layered applicable glazes. Compared to WorléeKyd L 7904, WorléeKyd L 8004 has a lower viscosity and therefore a more pronounced penetration.

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Binders and additives for the formulation of outstanding wood care products

WorléeAdd 6223 is recommended as a silicone based defoamer concentrate for water-based systems. With 100% active ingredient, the concentrate contributes to the reduction of air entrapment during manufacturing and application. The product is used in waterborne paints, coatings and adhesives based on common binders such as polymer dispersions, including PUR, alkyd emulsions and hybrid systems.

WorléeAdd 6410, on the other hand, has an active ingredient of 30%. The silicone-containing defoamer is outstandingly effective in alkyd emulsions, PU and PU hybrid dispersions and is used in aqueous and water-thinnable paints, varnishes, adhesives, printing inks and similar systems.

WorléeAdd 3410 is a silicone containing substrate wetting agent for use in all air drying, waterborne industrial, automotive, wood and architectural coatings as well as 2K PUR systems. The highly effective additive is suitable for all waterborne coatings, especially for co-solvent formulations. It reduces surface tension and leads to significant improvements in substrate wetting and flow.

Also from the WorléeAdd product family comes WorléeAdd 3520, a high molecular silicone additive for waterborne and water dilutable systems. The additive is used to improve the surface smoothness, scratch and abrasion resistance of waterborne and water-thinnable formulations. It also improves the blocking resistance of the paint. 

WorléeDisperse VP 8400W is a universal polymeric dispersing additive for inorganic and organic pigments. It is used in water-based systems such as highly filled pigment pastes or direct rubs. Furthermore, the product is free of alkylphenylethoxylates (APEOs).

Our WorléeAdd 800 series can be used in aqueous and solvent-based systems. The product range generally involves smectites, which from a mineralogical point of view belong to the phyllosilicates (layered silicates). The WorléeAdd 800 series offers organically modified smectite derivatives up to high purity smectites, all of which are used in the rheology modification of a wide variety of systems. These powdered rheology additives produce thixotropic flow behaviour and can be used in solvent-borne or solvent-free as well as aqueous, low to high polar systems.

We want your products to stand out from the crowd!

With our product and application recommendations as well as our outstanding product quality, we support you to achieve exactly this goal. In close coordination with our customers, special products are realised which, together with our formulation recommendations, give us an innovative edge.

Do you have further product ideas or are you simply looking for new impulses? Feel free to contact us or request samples of selected products. Together we will find a solution!

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