Our mission, values & behavioral principles

The family company Worlée has been active in the international raw materials market for more than 160 years. We have seen economic crises come and go and survived difficult times together with our customers as well as with our partners. These times have borne witness to mass unemployment and money that was no longer worth any more than paper upon which it was printed. We have seen the times when the whole city lay in ruins, including our trading house in its location close to the Speicherstadt warehouse district of Hamburg. Some of these times demanded great courage, commitment and risk acceptance on the part of the founding family. Worlée made investments in areas that at first glance seemed to have low profit potential – while it also occasionally took a step back in order to get a clear view of the big picture. Sustainable development was always more important than short-term profits. Emil Heinrich Worlée knew this during the first years of the company’s existence, and Albrecht von Eben-Worlée knew it as well during the postwar era. Responsibility for the company’s numerous employees was taken seriously, and this is still very much the case in today’s company.

To meet the challenges of the future and achieve sustainable business development, we at Worlée have questioned our status quo and together with our employees, developed a corporate mission statement. This provides orientation and forms the future framework for our entrepreneurial actions as well as our dealings with employees and business partners.

Our everyday work and relationships are influenced by values and behavioral principles. By taking these points into account, we create trust and a solid foundation for successful relationships. The aim of the mission statement is to create a basis of trust between our management, business partners, customers and all employees.





Our mission

"As a traditional and modern family company, we provide our customers around the world with the best raw materials and customer service. Our business practices focus on our quest for increased sustainability, our innovative drive forward and our creativity in finding individual solutions. Fairly and responsibly, we are building the foundation for cooperative long- term success."




Our values

In common parlance, values refer to the desirable or morally good qualities – such as esteem, trust, stability – of a community. They give us orientation and are the basis of our convictions.

All of us at Worlée are such a community and want to follow common values. Because they are valuable and deserve to be valued.

Our way of acting: guided by collegiality and mutual appreciation.

Respectful interaction is the basis for our community. We meet on equal footing. Conflicts are discussed openly and solved jointly.


Our mindset: respect, trust and openness create our internal mindset.

Behaviour in our company is characterised by willingness to help and mutual consideration. We bring open-mindedness and trust to all of our daily interactions with each other.


Our focus: sustainability and reliability determine our path.

We stand by our word. We organise our decisions and actions based on our economic, social and ecological responsibility.





Our behavioral principles

Our behavioral principles are an expression of our corporate culture, provide orientation and serve as a binding guideline in our day-to-day work. By taking these into account, we create trust and a solid foundation for successful relationships both internally and externally.


We strive for long-term, trusting cooperation and support our customers with our raw materials and services.


We meet on equal footing and treat each other with respect.

Partners & suppliers

Trust, reliability and fairness are the foundation for our business relationships.

The public

At our locations we make a valuable contribution to social development and protection of the environment.


The goal of our actions is the sustainable development of the Worlée Group as an independent family company.