Worlée-Chemie GmbH

As a production and distribution company, Worlée-Chemie GmbH forms the link in the value chain between the basic industry and the processing industry with its product portfolio.

At the North German production sites in Lauenburg and Lübeck, we produce modern and environmentally friendly binders and additives as raw materials for the coating industry. The assortment of chemical raw materials covers aqueous and solvent-based acrylate and alkyd resins, aqueous alkyd emulsions, polyesters, epoxy esters and numerous additives for use in a variety of applications. This includes paints and lacquers, industrial coatings, wood coatings, printing inks, construction chemicals, adhesives, powder coatings and special applications. Our wide range of own products is also supplemented by the products of well-known international trading partners.

In addition to a range of high-quality products, Worlée-Chemie’s core areas of expertise also include tailored technical customer support. At our internal application laboratories, the team responds specifically to the customer’s requirements and develops a tailored product with unique characteristics. Our research and development team continuously works on optimising existing products and processes and developing new raw materials.

Our Cosmetic Raw Materials division manufactures products which are used in decorative and skincare cosmetics. In addition to polymer chemical raw materials, the division’s portfolio also includes numerous plant extracts, visual active substance carriers, pigment dispersions and natural exfoliating particles which are based on our modern particle technology and are particularly eco-friendly and gentle on the skin.

Our cosmetic raw materials are manufactured in accordance with the highest quality and safety standards at the Hamburg and Lübeck locations and tailored to the special requirements of our cosmetics customers. A professional team provides technical application support and develops innovative products with the aim of promoting the success of our cosmetics customers and creating sustainable value.

Regardless of which product leaves the plant, our manufacturing processes for all our raw materials are particularly eco-friendly and conserve resources. Thanks to sustainable production, we were the first chemical company to be accepted into the German economy’s Klimaschutz-Unternehmen association, where sustainability and premium quality come together to create especially progressive products. And we’re always working on further improving our standards.

Reinhold von Eben-Worlée

Managing Partner

Joachim Freude

General Manager

Andreas Jaschinski

Director Sales DACH

Dr. Stefan Mansel

Director Global Sales


Dr. Thorsten Adebahr

Head of Traded Products

Mario Winterstein

Head of Cosmetic department

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