Climate and environmental protection in the company

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As a producer of chemical, natural and cosmetic raw materials, we are well aware of our responsibility for the world around us and for future generations. Many years ago, Worlée committed itself to the guiding principles of sustainable development and responsible trade, priorities that have meanwhile become firmly established in all three business divisions.

Every day, large quantities of our products leave our warehouse buildings in Hamburg, Lauenburg and Lübeck to be sent out throughout the entire world. Our production of these materials requires resources such as electricity and water and also generates CO2 emissions and waste. These are all unavoidable elements of our raw materials production processes. However, we can make every effort to examine our company with open eyes and ears, thoroughly scrutinizing our methods and processes.

Thinking in new ways, reconsidering, having the courage to question old, established patterns – in these ways we continue to improve our climate and environmental protection year after year.

For its responsible commitment, Worlée has already won numerous prizes and distinctions:

  • Industry Environmental Prize, awarded by the Society for Study and Support of the Schleswig-Holstein Economy e.V. in the years 2000 and 2010 (Worlée-Chemie GmbH)
  • From 2003 to 2016, five placements in the top 3 for the Responsible-Care Competition of the German Chemical Industry Association – North German Region (Worlée-Chemie GmbH)
  • Since 2010, the first chemical company in the prestigious group of Climate Protection Companies in German Industry (Worlée-Chemie GmbH)
  • Since 2003, member of the Environmental Partnership Hamburg (Worlée NaturProdukte GmbH)
  • Bronze winner of the Surface Engineering Prize “Die Oberfläche 2012“, awarded by the Fraunhofer Institute for Production Technology and Automation (IPA) Stuttgart in cooperation with the Messe Stuttgart and the Deutsche Messe trade fair centers (Worlée-Chemie)
  • Pilot company for the extensive sustainability check of the Chemie Hoch 3 initiative – award given in July 2014 (Worlée-Chemie GmbH)
  • 2016 recipient of the national Responsible Care Prize for small to medium sized enterprises in the category Product responsibility and the pursuit of sustainability in accordance with Responsible Care guidelines 4 and 7
  • 2016 recipient of the Gold Recognition Level following analysis of Worlée-Chemie’s overall sustainability achievements by the international assessment platform EcoVadis
  • 2017: Official member of the UN Global Compact (see here)
  • 2018: Recipient of the Gold Recognition Level, Status "Advanced", following analysis of
    Worlée-Chemie´s overall sustainability achievements by the international assessment platform EcoVadis
  • 2018: Publication of the "Communication on Progress" following the requirements of the United Nations Global Compact