Interview on the topic energy and environment

Jan Eschke, Head of digitalisation, innovation and resource efficiency, Copyright: Jenner Egberts Fotografie

What are your responsibilities in the area of resource efficiency?

These include, among other things, ensuring that raw materials, water and energy are handled efficiently and that emissions and waste materials are avoided. 
Additionally, we have established a team of experts in the area of energy management. The responsibilities of the team include recognizing opportunities for efficiency improvement and developing measures to implement and check them. A fundamental aspect of this work is the continual search for new possibilities to reduce energy usage.

Alongside your career at Worlée, you have also served as Chairman of the Association of Climate Protection Companies since 2013. What does this involve?

The Climate Protection Companies are a national, cross-sector network for climate protection and energy efficiency. The organization was established at the initiative of the Federal Ministry for the Environment, the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs, and the Association of German Chambers of Commerce and Industry (DIHK). Via a demanding qualification process, all of the member companies have demonstrated their establishment of a pattern of extensive, innovative efforts to improve in-house energy efficiency, and they have committed themselves to continue in this fashion. Within the network, frequent exchanges take place, such as regular meetings to discuss new projects and technical issues. We want to show that climate protection and energy efficiency can also be economically beneficial, and we also intend to raise awareness in other companies. In addition, we maintain close contacts in the political world and offer our expertise and experience during the legislative process.

Are there other projects that can help further establish the focus on sustainability in the industry?

In 2014, in accordance with the sustainability initiative Chemie3 (Download Certificate), we were one of twelve pilot companies that carried out a sustainability check. For this check, each company participant committed itself to thoroughly scrutinizing its own in-house procedures in the areas of economy, ecology and social issues. Together with Chemie3, the Chemical Industry Association (VCI), the Union for the Mining, Chemical and Energy Industries (IGBCE) and the National Chemical Employers Association (BAVC) have promoted the concept of sustainability in the German chemical industry since 2012. We have actively participated in a range of projects within the Chemie3 Initiative since 2014 and have taken away valuable impulses for our own sustainability management from these experiences. Important topics for us include, e.g., sustainability supply chain management and regular reporting concerning our sustainability achievements.