WorléeAloe – Nature in its purest form

Worlée is adding a new chapter and an industry first product range under its own prestigious brand: WorléeAloe. After remaining committed to a single aloe source for 30 years, Worlée has come to the realization that there is currently no comprehensive product portfolio in existence that includes every possible variation of the raw material aloe. Going back to the Worlée tradition of sourcing from multiple countries of origin, the company perceived an acute need for atrusted, proven and reliable single source for aloe raw materials for all imaginable applications in the human nutrition, functional foods, beverage, pet food, and cosmetics arenas.

The WorléeAloe brand eliminates guesswork and uncertainty about product purity and quality while providing supply chain reliability and continuity for modern day customers who are under constant production scheduling time constraints and cost saving pressures. Worlée, first and foremost, keeps its selling approach simple, emphasizing product education,quality, world class customer service and solid delivery performance as opposed to exaggerated marketing claims. More than anything else, this has been the foundation of success for Worlée’s customers for the past 164 years.

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  • As an active trader since 1983, Worlée has decades of experience in the aloe vera market.
  • Worldwide presence through branch offices and distributors
  • Demand-oriented sourcing, the most comprehensive product range in the raw material aloe industry
  • Support from the Worlée R&D-Team in Germany
  • In-house application laboratory, formulation assistance
  • Sample dispatch from Germany and follow-up by ourlocal representatives in each country
  • Ultimate goal: a higher standard, quality, reliability, customer-oriented service
  • Permanent storage of a vast amount of different 200x powders in our own warehouses to guarantee prompt shipments
  • Worlée’s own freight forwarding company controls shipping costs and risk
  • High level of engagement in climate and environmental protection


  • Fast processing of leaves post-harvest preserves biological activity and prevents bacterial degradation
  • Use of supply chain management ensures a seamless logistics chain and delivery performance
  • Filleting by hand reduces aloin content
  • Standardized raw material: pure aloe vera without any additives
  • In-house application laboratory, formulation assistance
  • Manufacturing of powders by freeze-drying, spraydrying, dehydrating
  • Production based on the HACCP concept


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  • Freeze/Spray dried powders – free of maltodextrin – conventional and organic
  • Dehydrated powders
  • High polysaccharide content concentrates (from 10% to 80%)
  • Organic and conventional liquids preservative free, with or without pulp
  • Aloe cubes (various sizes)
  • Quality criteria in compliance with the IASC (International Aloe Science Council) guidelines
  • Comprehensive technical documentation and regulatory dossiers in compliance with EU legislation for food and cosmetics, which customers need for safety assessment
  • Additional incoming quality control to meet customer requirements (pesticides, heavy metals etc.)


  • Organic certified
  • IASC certified products


Steven Hausmann
Sales Director 
Phone: +49 40 733 33 2665
E-mail: Aloe@worlee.de