WorléeMicromer and WorléeMicromer Eco – Film Formers and more

WorléeMicromers are a line of film formers used in cosmetic formulations. The WorléeMicromer Eco range is made from at least 50% renewable raw materials, making them more eco-friendly.

Both WorléeMicromer and WorléeMicromer Eco have different chemical compositions, such as acrylates, polyesters, or natural polymers, which leads to variations in their film-forming properties such as adhesion, water resistance, and stability of the formulations.

Our film formers can also provide a protective barrier for the skin or nails, helping to prevent damage from environmental factors. This allows formulators to choose the best option for their specific product requirements.

We also offer customized products to help customers find a personalized solution for their specific needs.

Overall, film formers are an essential component, helping to enhance the performance and consumer experience of formulations.


✔ Cold and hot processable

✔ No microplastic

✔ Non-GMO/GMO free

✔ Cruelty free

Publications about WorléeMicromer and WorléeMicromer Eco: