WorléeScrub Olive – 100 % Natural Scrubs

WorléeScrub Olive is a natural exfoliant. The scrub is made from olive stones, which are grounded into olive stone powder after drying. In order to ensure gentle sterilisation, the olive stones are processed by steam sterilisation.

As the product is of purely vegetable origin, it is ideally suited as a sustainable alternative to plastic granulates in the processing of vegan or anti-allergic cosmetics.


✔ Natural granules from renewable raw material

✔ Natural Origin Index of 1 (ISO 16128)

✔ COSMOS validated

✔ Non-GMO

✔ Vegan

✔ Upcycling product

✔ Alternative to plastic or synthetic granules

✔ Suitable for the production of anti-allergic cosmetics

✔ Application as exfoliant

✔ Skin friendly

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