WorléeSqualane Olive – High-end phytosqualane with biomimetic and active properties

WorléeSqualane Olive is a colorless hydrocarbon obtained from olives. The vegetable origin is verified for each batch by isotope determination (13C/12C). It has a purity level of at least 92% squalane content and is validated according to Ecocert and COSMOS standards. The use of GMO or animal ingredients is deliberately avoided. Due to its natural origin and multifunctionality, it is ideally suited for applications in natural cosmetics. In addition, it picks up on the clean label trend.

WorléeSqualane Olive is used in a wide range of cosmetic formulations for face and body care, as well as in decorative cosmetics. Given its high spreading capacity, WorléeSqualane Olive enables emulsions to be spread evenly on the skin and leaves a unique, silky-soft, non-greasy skin feel. Its excellent pigment dispersion properties make it an ideal raw material for the development of make-up formulations. Its texture also makes it highly suitable for supporting the performance of make-up removers. As a result of its oxidation stability, the product is ideally suited for use in natural sunscreen protection formulations. In hair care products, it improves the combability of the hair without weighing the hair down. A truely multi-talented ingredient!


✔ Colorless and odorless

✔ Good spreadability

✔ Multifunctional use

✔ Temperature- and pH-stable over a wide range of cosmetic applications

✔ Oxidation stable

✔ Alternative to synthetic emollients, such as e. g. dimethicone

✔ Skin-friendly

✔ Ecocert and COSMOS validated

✔ Natural Origin Index of 1 (ISO 16128)

✔ Non-GMO

✔ Vegan

✔ Upcycling product

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