WorleeSuspens Eco – Bio-based Suspending Agent

Our brand new product WorléeSuspens Eco is the perfect solution for those looking to create sustainable, high-quality cosmetic products. Made from bacterial cellulose obtained through a non-GMO fermentation process, this bio-based suspending agent improves the stability of insoluble ingredients and enhances sensory properties, resulting in a transparent, uniform formulation. 

WorléeSuspens Eco creates a three-dimensional network of cellulose fibers, providing yield stress without affecting viscosity. This ready-to-use product is easily incorporated into any formulation with moderate stirring.

Our WorléeSuspens Eco is a great choice for natural cosmetics that prioritize sustainability and high performance. It has a Natural Origin Content of 99.4%. WorléeSuspens Eco is environmentally friendly and biodegradable, it also complies with COSMOS-standards* and is microplastic free.

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*officially validated

Worlée wins first prize at the SEPAWA Innovation Award 2023 for its product WorléeSuspens Eco. Read more >>

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