WorléeBeads Jojoba Snow White

WorléeBeads Jojoba Snow White are uniform white, spherical, free flowing particles. They are available in 20/60, 40/60 and 60/100 mesh. They are ECOCERT accepted, Natrue accepted and Ökotest accepted. Owing to the high sphericity and very low particle size distribution, the particles can be better represented in the formula and a "washed-out effect" due to an excessively large particle size distribution in theproduct is prevented. WorléeBeads Jojoba are used in rinse-off products for facial cleansing and for body exfoliation (Peeling and Scrub). Depending on the type of formula, it is possible to achieve a more or less abrasive effect owing to the selection of suitable particle size. In addition to the standard colours and sizes available at present, we can also offer you customised WorléeBeads for your formula.
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WorléeBeads Jojoba Snow White Exfoliants / Peeling Agents (WorléeBeads / WorléeSil) Hydrogenated Jojoba Oil synthetic natural