Research and Development

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Consumer demands on cosmetic products are higher and more diverse today than ever before. In order to meet your customers' needs, you are constantly improving existing products, identifying trends and launching product innovations - always finding new ways to get consumers' attention. We at Worlée Cosmetics advise and support you in this process.

Worlée Cosmetics is your partner in this process. With creativity, a modern applications laboratory and decades of experience, we develop raw materials for you that precisely suit your product. To this end, our cosmetics laboratory works together with both the development department of Worlée-Chemie as well as with external development laboratories. Further, we are connected with a large network of qualified producers along with partners in the areas of polymers, particle technology and encapsulation applications.

Do you have a product idea or would you like to improve one of your existing items? We offer you custom-created raw materials to make your concepts become reality. For further questions, our R&D team would be pleased to assist you  (E-mail: