Individual, plant-based animal nutrition - sustainable and good for humans and animals

A natural and balanced nutrition for pets and farm animals is particularly important for the health of our creatures. Whether cattle, horses, cats or guinea pigs - with our purely plant-based, first-class dried products, we enable our customers to think of pet food holistically. In addition to mono-products, we work with our customers to develop special, plant-based dry mixes that are individually tailored to the needs of pets and farm animals. We do not offer standard blends, but always develop blends according to customer requirements and then produce them on site in Hamburg.  Do you need support in developing new animal feeds or would you like to optimise existing formulations? We would be happy to have a workshop with you and help you with your ideas.

Examples for some mixtures

Barf mixture

Herbal mixture

vegetable mixture

Animal feed diversity for pets and livestock

Fruits, various vegetables, herbs, medicinal plants and spices contribute to a balanced animal diet. By using natural raw materials, many additives such as colourings, preservatives and artificial flavours can be completely dispensed with. Many of our over 130 natural products are also in exquisite organic quality as well as sustainably and fairly traded. Our approach is to enable species-appropriate food as the basis of healthy pet and farm animal nutrition and thus also to prevent a variety of diseases with gentle support from nature.

Superfood power for pets

Superfoods are literally on everyone's lips, so why not make the power of nature accessible to our fellow animal friends? This is exactly where we see a trend that has developed strongly in recent years. Not only pet owners want to have their individual nutritional needs satisfied, but also pets are increasingly being included here. In particular, well-known domestic superfoods such as cranberry, beetroot or spirulina also benefit the animal organism. In this way, metabolism, vitality and immune system can be promoted in a genuine way with natural nutrients and vitamins.

Quality is of paramount importance to us

Animal farming 2.0, with its requirements for improving animal health and welfare, poses special challenges for the feed industry. With our variety of natural raw materials, we offer important nutrients for a balanced and compatible feed formulation. In addition to protein carriers such as spinach, we stock medicinal herbs as well as vegetable raw materials rich in minerals and fibre. These also include regional and organically certified products. This allows us to create balanced mixtures for different needs. 

Quality is our highest priority

For us, the quality of our raw materials comes first. As a supplier, we offer high-quality products with the highest product safety for humans and animals through state-of-the-art processes and gentle refinement methods. Through long-standing partnerships with producers all over the world, we can ensure that the goods meet our high quality standards even before they are delivered to Hamburg for processing. With a reliable quality management system, Worlée NaturProdukte has been certified by GMP+ B1 certification since 2017. This programme is equivalent to the German QS seal in the industry, which is why Worlée has been qualified to provide its raw materials for the QS supply chain since 2011. In the product area, Worlée demonstrates compliance with numerous food safety requirements through Food Safety Certification 22000 (FSSC 22000).

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Vesna Steen

Category Manager Animal feed
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