Nature’s best for healthy animal nutrition

Just like humans, pets and livestock need natural and balanced nutrition as a decisive contributing factor for their good health. For more than twelve years, Worlée has featured a department specialising in food products for house pets and livestock. Thanks to its many years of experience in the food industry, Worlée was quickly able to establish itself in this sector and develop an extensive product range of feed raw materials. Are you interested in an innovative blend for pets or livestock? We would be pleased to work with you to develop these products in our new R&D centre.

Feed variety for pets and livestock

Our eleven product groups include diverse vegetable varieties, fruits, herbs, medicinal herbs and spices, to name just a few. Many of our 130 feed raw materials within these categories contribute to balanced animal nutrition. At Worlée, along with our single products, we work together with our customers to develop special blends that are customized to address the needs of pets and livestock, as it is clear that animal-appropriate food is the foundation of healthy pet and livestock nutrition and contributes to the prevention of a variety of illnesses.

Quality is of paramount importance to us

The quality of our raw materials for the feed industry is our highest priority. As a supplier, we offer high-quality products for humans and animals thanks to the most modern processes and procedures in every area of our company. Our refining processes not only ensure a top-quality product, but also guarantee the highest degree of product safety. Worlée NaturProdukte’s dependable quality management system has resulted in our GMP+ B1 certification since 2017. This program is the industry equivalent of the German QS quality seal, and for this reason Worlée has been qualified since 2011 to supply raw materials within the QS supply chain. Within the product area, Food Safety Certification 22000 (FSSC 22000) demonstrates Worlée’s compliance with numerous food safety requirements.

Further information about our certifications may be found here.

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