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Black Garlic – a different kind of garlic experience

White garlic is already well-known throughout the world. However, the black version of the bulb is also a highly appealing product. Black garlic has long been a presence in Asian cuisine in particular and finds a wide variety of uses there. Within the European region, this natural flavour enhancer is now also steadily gaining in recognition and popularity.

A natural fermentation process during which the garlic is “aged” over the course of several days under controlled conditions (heat and air) results in the formation of sugar and amino acid melanoidins. These are responsible for black garlic’s colouring, which ranges from yellow-brown to nearly black. This fermentation yields a very soft, almost sticky consistency for the garlic as well as a sweet flavour comparable with that of prunes, liquorice and balsamic vinegar. A hint of garlic without a sharp aftertaste rounds out this Far Eastern taste experience. Black garlic is a healthy, incomparable flavour composition for seasoning and enhancing food products.

Black garlic is available from Worlée in high-quality powder or purée form.

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Application for Black Garlic Purée

Black garlic is particularly well-suited for use in mustard, ketchup, dressings, sauces and liquid marinades.

Application example: Coarse-grained mustard with black garlic

250 g apple cider vinegar
200 g water
150 g yellow mustard seeds
100 g brown sugar
50 g brown mustard seeds
20 g black garlic purée
10 allspice, whole
2 tsp salt
1 tbsp oil

1. Grind the mustard seeds and allspice in a small food processor.
2. Add water and stir well. Let sit for 15 min.
3. Add vinegar, sugar, salt, garlic and oil and boil for 5 minutes.
4. Put the mixture in jars with twist-off lids. Place the jars in the refrigerator to chill.

Application for Black Garlic Powder

We particularly recommend black garlic powder for use in dairy products, marinades, dressings, ketchup and condiments.

Application example: Steak butter with black garlic

125 g butter 
1 tsp black garlic puwder
1 pinch sea salt

1. Roll out the butter between two sheets of cling film.
2. Remove the cling film and distribute the black garlic evenly over the rolled-out butter.
3. Salt the butter.
4. Form the butter into a roll.
5. Place the roll for at least 1-2 hours in the refrigerator.
6. To serve: cut the butter into equally-sized slices.

This black garlic butter is an ideal accompaniment for bread, vegetables, fish and steak.

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