Current trends

Constantly changing consumer needs and additional environmental factors mean that producers in the food industry must constantly adjust to new food trends in order to stay competitive in the market. Indeed, factors such as the quality, sustainability or individuality of a product are becoming more and more of a priority in purchasing decisions. Anyone strolling through a modern supermarket will quickly recognize the most current trends from the newest products on the shelves. 

We would like to introduce the following six important food trends to you:

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Living with more transparency

New, closer product familiarity

What is actually contained in a product? How is it produced? And what is the origin of its ingredients? Informed purchasing of food products has become more and more of a priority. Consumers are no longer simply interested in the taste of their morning cereal, for example. They also want to know whether the fruits it contains are untreated and if the local farmers are being fairly compensated. They demand more transparency with respect to the food value chain and call on the industry to label products with relevant (understandable) product information so that they can make a knowledgeable product choice.

Worlée places a high priority on transparency not just within the supply chain of our raw materials, but also in terms of product quality. We work according to strict guidelines (e.g., FSSC 22000 or Sedex) that both make our interaction with suppliers and employees transparent and guarantee the quality and sustainability of our raw materials

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Mood Food

Food for body and soul

Producing food products that make consumers happy and satisfied should be a company’s primary goal. The question of what is good for the body and soul plays a decisive role in purchasing decisions. Consumers are not just interested in the question of whether a food product is especially healthy or will have a particular effect – rather, they also want to ensure that its production process corresponds to certain social, ecological and ethical standards. 

With its broad portfolio of dried raw food materials, Worlée offers many plant-based products that in some cases are considered to be particularly beneficial to human health. Taking social, ecological and ethical aspects into consideration, the family company establishes close partnerships with producers and supports farming projects in countries of origin. In this way, Worlée can ensure a transparent and trustworthy value-added chain for its products.

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Food culture without limits

A culinary trip through aroma, taste and texture

Have you heard about cronuts, cragels or ramen burgers yet? No? A culinary idea that has long been a popular topic in the land of unlimited opportunities has also been enjoying growing popularity in Europe for a few years now. Hybrid food is the name of this trend from New York, and it is more in demand than ever in Germany since 2017. In culinary circles, this term refers to the blending of select ingredients from different cultures for the creation of new dishes. It is a continuation of the fusion cuisine that particularly made its mark during the 1990s. 

Another trend that falls into this same category is food pairing. Here, the aim is to discover which flavours best complement one another and then give rise to a harmonious overall taste experience when they are paired together. In this manner, new and extraordinary flavour combinations are born. This is truly a science unto itself. 

Natural, attractive and unexpected textures in food are yet another trend that is reflected in products such as chewy drinks or cookies with fizzy sugar in their filling, for example. 

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Superfood, Detox and Co.

Plant-based active ingredient carriers for a healthy diet

As seen on product packaging, in cookbooks, in the Internet or in magazines, superfood and detox belong to the trendiest topics of recent years and are generally associated with one another. Those seeking to free their bodies from contaminants often turn to domestic or exotic superfoods to activate the metabolic processes that lead to detoxification while simultaneously providing the body with healthy nutrients. Superfoods particularly stand out thanks to their high content levels of diverse ingredients and secondary plant substances, e.g., vitamins, minerals, fibre or antioxidants. Due to their high nutrient density, they are considered to have a particularly positive effect on human health. 

From black garlic to green cabbage to beetroot to quinoa to turmeric to chia, a wide variety of different superfoods in organic and conventional quality are all available to you from Worlée.

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Alternative enjoyment

The new role of plants

Vegetarianism, flexitarianism, low-carb or sugar-free? The trend towards alternative nutrition concepts continues unabated. However, the full range of food options offered by the plant world remains unknown to many consumers. Many of these natural raw materials may be found within Worlée’s broad range of products

Quinoa, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, nuts and chia seeds, for example, are potent protein bombs and, as such, offer excellent plant-based alternatives to meat. With these products, vegetarians and flexitarians have many other possibilities for meat-free nutrition beyond the classic protein source soya. 

From sweets to drinks to soups to sauces, numerous types of food products contain hidden industrial sugar. Here, too, alternatives exist in the form of natural sweeteners such as stevia, date sweetener, licorice, blackberry leaves and fruit powder, all of which can take the place of industrial sugar. 

For colouring food products, plant-based raw materials such as turmeric, beetroot, spirulina, hibiscus, spinach and safflower are well-suited to the task. They provide your food products with a colour boost courtesy of nature. 

Furthermore, flavour enhancers such as glutamate can be replaced by aromatic spice blends, shiitake powder or champignon powder.

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Breakfast is booming

The awakening of culinary breakfast culture

A balanced, healthy breakfast is the best way to start the day. However, the celebration of this meal no longer stops in the morning, but rather continues on until late in the afternoon. Along with classic honey or cheese on bread, the bowl trend is bringing new diversity to the breakfast table. It is clear to see how fruity smoothies and colourful cereal bowls including superfoods are presenting exquisite breakfast alternatives and bringing variety to everyday life.